Lesbian Bondage: 5 Shades of DeGrey: The Third Shade

She was expecting men. She was wrong. This time there is a beautiful blonde with huge tits waiting for her on the other side, and she is just as evil as the others. Tying off her tits, clamping her pussy, and beating her while Rain cries her eyes out, this mistress is a savage domme. Rain is quivering, literally shaking as her pussy is flogged and then fucked.

Lesbian Bondage: The Audition

I want a new slave girl to keep in my house. A qualified applicant needs to be able to serve clients continuously, faithfully, and completely. Each girl that comes to me hoping for a position must be put through rigorous testing. Devilynne is certainly one of the cutest and most enthusiastic little sluts that I have had the pleasure of using in a bit. It is time to see exactly what she’s made of.

Lesbian BDSM: Rain DeGrey Loves Getting Fucked With

I like playing with Rain DeGrey. For some reason we get along so well. Maybe it’s about the common interests. She and I enjoy the same things. I like hurting Rain, she loves being hurt. I like controlling her every move with bondage, she loves being immobilized by rope wound tightly around her limbs. I like fucking with her on every level I can imagine and nothing gets Rain off like being used.

Lesbian BDSM: Humiliating

Rain Degrey is no stranger to the cruelty that Sister Dee is capable of. SD loves spending her days watching beautiful women struggle. She needs Rain to be broken down by the end and that kind of suffering does not come from a little rough bondage.