Lesbian Domination: Addie Will Be Begging

SD wants to look Addie Juniper cum. She has her tied up thanks to after a infrequent orgasms her clit will be so sensitive she’ll crave to pause. That’s when the absolute fun begins.

Lesbian BDSM: Now Tricia Will Scream

Sister Dee has a soft spot for hot women in tight bondage. It makes her desire to see if she can build Tricia Oaks scream herself hoarse.

TopGrl BDSM: Kylie Loses Her Innocence

Kylie is young and maybe a bit naive. As she is strolling around with Sister Dee she thinks they are just having a pleasant conversation. SD, of course, is sizing her up and planning their day together.

Lesbian BDSM: Some Good Plain Fun

Elise Graves wanted to see the new space Sister Dee found and now she has the dubious honor of being the first person to suffer in it.

Lesbian Bondage: The Beatings, The Humiliation, The Shame, The Orgasms…

Cherry Torn just wants to sense it. The beatings, the disgrace, the shame, the orgasms. It makes her object feel cherish she’s floating. She craves the kind of bondage that leaves her exposed and strips her of control.

Lesbian BDSM: Lorna Learns to Serve

Life polite won’t save Lorna from her destiny. No size of begging is going to create Sister Dee capture pity on her. Lorna wanted to serve. She wanted to do correctly for this sensual woman who has taken possession of her.

Sammi Struggles and Squirts in Bondage

Sammi Sui has a talent as a squirter. It is surprising that she does not like to show it off. Sister Dee decides she does not get a choice. It takes quite a bit of coercion, but Dee makes sure Sammi puts on her show.

LilyAnna Gagged And Finger-fucked

A burlap sack is as effective a hood as anything else. It keeps Lilyanna blind and terrified so Sister Dee can torment her body AND mind. When Dee is satisfied she has screamed enough she discards the hood and slips on a ball gag.

Homemade Torment And Forced Orgasm

Sister Dee likes arts and crafts. She takes a trip to Dom Depot for supplies and when she gets back Sophie is test her creations. Homemade dildos, gags and clamps are quick and easy to make.