TopGrl Presents: Cherry Torn and Three Hard Cocks

Cherry Torn is legendary in the industry. Those huge tits of hers are all natural as sure a sign that she loves to have fun as that striking blonde hair of hers. A whole lot of girls out there love the cock. Some of them even love it enough to take two. Very few are so insatiable that three dicks is barely enough to satisfy them.

Lesbian Bondage: The Beatings, The Humiliation, The Shame, The Orgasms…

Cherry Torn just wants to sense it. The beatings, the disgrace, the shame, the orgasms. It makes her object feel cherish she’s floating. She craves the kind of bondage that leaves her exposed and strips her of control.

Cherry Torn in Lesbian BDSM: Sensual Bondage

Cherry Torn loves 3 things. tight bondage, intense pain, and a sensual woman who can bring it all together into a single erotic adventure. She can almost feel herself floating away. Each strike from the whip or the cane is another nudge down the river of endorphins.