Lesbian Domination: Addie Will Be Begging

SD wants to look Addie Juniper cum. She has her tied up thanks to after a infrequent orgasms her clit will be so sensitive she’ll crave to pause. That’s when the absolute fun begins.

Topgrl: Skylar Is Too Pretty

Addie Juniper has an athletic protest that has seen more than its right share of pain, however no game has ever required so much of her as Sister Dee.

Lesbian BDSM: Caroline the Bondage Doll

Caroline Pierce has a attractive brief dress and a as well hot object. They carry her the kind of interest she wasn’t looking for from Sister Dee. You see, SD likes to create the beautiful ones suffer.

TopGrl: Sister Dee has a TwoFer

Sister Dee is playing a double header. First she has time to molest Sarah Jane Ceylon and when she is done, Sophie Ryan is waiting at home. There is no rest for the wicked.

Lesbian BDSM: Some Good Plain Fun

Elise Graves wanted to see the new space Sister Dee found and now she has the dubious honor of being the first person to suffer in it.

TopGrl: Work of Bondage Art

Tricia Oaks has already used her entity as a canvas for lovely tattoos on the contrary Sister Dee is going to turn her into a work of bondage artistry. Tricia is just elastic enough to curve into some sexy positions.

Lesbian BDSM: Mei Loves Being Brutalized

Mei Mara is into it all and the more inhuman the higher quality. She knows that pleasure is senseless without SD giving her the pain to depart with it. She does not just wish to please Sister Dee. She wants Sister Dee to be capable to revel in it all.

Lesbian Torture: 314 Lusts For SD

314 can feel the lust emanating from Sister Dee. She cannot see her captor from her position on the floor but she can feel her gaze upon her.

Star Screams in Bondage

Star knows how to beg, but she does not quite know the right words. You see, when she yells, Please stop, Sister Dee hears, Right there! When she screams, Oh god it hurts, she expects Dee to care.